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Commercial pilot resources:
Aviation job search
Aviation job site

Possible Employment Opportunities:
AirTran Airways - employment opportunities
Alaska Airlines - job listings
China Airlines (Taiwan) - looking to hire captains & first officers
Compass Airlines - hiring various positions in Minneapolis, MN
Emirates - A330/A340, B777 first officers & captains
Etihad Airways - Assessment schedule
Eva Airways (Taiwan) - hiring first officers for B747-400s & MD-11s
Horizon Air - regional airliner hiring first officers
JetBlue Airways - employment page
Kingfisher Airlines (India) - F/O for ATR 72-500s, Airbus A319s/A320s
NetJets - corporate pilot positions
Qatar Airways - A300-600, A319/A320/A321 and A330
SkyWest Airlines - interviewing for their expanding RJ fleet
Southwest Airlines - careers page
UPS - pilot hiring freeze

Bored? Monitor planes flying around the San Francisco Bay Area
From the San Francisco International Airport watch planes on radar

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Free flight tracker, flight status, departures & arrivals history

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Featured pilot supplies
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The Airport Shoppe
Jeppesen Sanderson aviation products page
More pilot supplies
Enter for a chance to win a Cessna Skyhawk SP

Looking for quality headsets? Read more about them below:
LightSPEED Aviation
David Clark Company, Inc.

Preparing for a checkride?
FAA pilot exam prep

Going on a flight? Have valid medical? File your flight plan online:
Available to pilots with current medical certificates

Flying into a new airport? Check Runway info and METARS

Read aviation accident and safety reports

Collect model airplanes?
Flight Miniatures
High quality die-cast model planes

Find a book on aviation
All about Airbus
Boeing aircraft of today

Do I have the time and dedication?
United States Air Force Academy
United States Coast Guard Academy
United States Naval Academy

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