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What is a blog?

The term "blog" is short for weblog,
a website containing an online personal journal
with comments, reflections and personal views.
The key term being personal.
Various blogs may contain hyperlinks
to supporting graphics or statements.

According to, a Google company:
a blog is your very own easy-to-use web site,
where you can quickly post thoughts,
interact with people,
and more

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Aviation, flight attendant blog:

Yu Hu Stewardess

Aviation, pilot blogs:

Adventures of Chopper Chick - Helicopter pilot Desiree Horton

Aviation Mentor - Certified Flight Instructor John

Compass Airlines - Embraer EMB-175 captain Sam

FedEx - Caravan captain John

Delta Airlines - Boeing 757/767 captain Rand Peck

Southwest Airlines - Boeing 737 first officer GC

US Airways - Airbus 319/320 captain Dave

General Motors employee blogs:

Bob Lutz, Vice Chairman

GM Smallblock engine blog

Boeing Corporation blogs:

Boeing Flight Test Journal - B787 Dreamliner

Hewlett-Packard employee blogs:

Listing of HP Technical & Executive blogs

Microsoft employee blogs:

Michael Kalbe, Security Advisor

Mayur Kamat, PM Rights Management Services Division

Ryan Donovan, Group PM Commerce Server Division

Microsoft employee blogs

Sun Microsystems employee blogs:

Jonathan Schwartz, President

Sun Microsystems employee blogs

Opinions expressed on individual blogs from external sites, along with any corresponding comments are the personal opinions of the original authors, not those of

If you have any questions or concerns about the content or material posted within each individual blog, please contact the respective authors directly. Thank you!

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